Any dog owner will tell you that training a dog to an obedient pet with the best manners is a trying process. Poodles are specifically difficult to train especially when you do not know what to do because they can be quite dominant and very stubborn. Dogs are forgetful and thus your training efforts might go down the drain in cases where repetition is not used in the process. Though Poodle training is quite challenging, with the right tips and proper approach, you might find it a fun activity and a good time to bond with your dog.

Any Poodle owner should be aware of some important Poodle training tips that will assist in making the training process easy and fun. While there are many tips available, you should know that not all of them will work because some will be completely bogus. Since Poodles are quite dominant, the best tip you can ever have when training Poodles is how to reduce their dominance. It is quite easy to do this as all you need to do is show your dog that you are in command. Do not allow the dog to sleep on the couch or on the bed as they might think that they are the alpha of the pack.

As mentioned above, Poodle training will not be all that easy due to their dominant and stubborn nature. This however does not mean that it is impossible. Even when your dog frustrates you to the limits, desist from using punishment and harsh words. Be firm in the training but do not forget to be gentle. Getting angry and yelling at your dog will not do the training any good. Dogs have been known to respond very well to positive reinforcement and Poodles are no exception.

Another important lesson that should be included in the Poodle training process is potty training. Potty training is very crucial and should be the first lesson you teach your dog when you bring them home. This can be done by selecting a spot in the yard and taking your dog there. Stay there with them until they do something. Always take them to that spot when they want to go. If you do not have a yard, get a big litter box and fill it with shredded paper. Take your Poodle to the litter box after a few hours or when they show that they want to go.

Poodle training should also include good house manners which should involve letting your dog know about what you consider wrong and what they are allowed to do. Train them to be calm and not bark in the house. Buy them chew toys to keep them away from chewing valuables in the house. Remember that when dealing with a puppy, you should let them know right from wrong. Shape your dog’s behaviors when they are still young to avoid problems when they are adults. Do not forget to bond with your dog as you concentrate on training the training process.