Poodles are cute and intelligent dogs. Their beauty should however not deceive you into believing that they are harmless. Poodle aggression is a behavior that you should be prepared to deal with if you intend to have a Poodle in your home as a family pet. Aggression in dogs can be caused by a number of things and it is not only when you understand the caused that you will be in a good position to get rid of this behavior permanently. It is also important to know the different signs of aggression so that you can treat the condition before it gets worse.

If your Poodle is snapping and lunging at people or other dogs, then you probably have a Poodle aggression case to deal with. Your dog might bully other dogs and bark at them. When people come to your home, they might bark at them and lash out with full teeth display. This is a sign of aggression fueled by fear of a feeling of being threatened. This type of aggression can be treated using socialization. When you take your dog out for walks, they will probably meet other dogs and a lot of people. With time they will start being comfortable around new people and the aggression will slowly disappear.

Always remember that any dog can learn and unlearn something. This just tells you that the myth about the impossibility of teaching old dogs new tricks is just that, a myth. Poodle aggression can be as a result of dominance related issues. If your dog thinks that they are the alpha in the pack, they will tend to be aggressive to you and to other people and pets. They will bark at you when they think you are crossing their line and this behavior might result in biting. This type of aggression has a simple remedy. You will have to show your dog that you are in charge. This should be done when your dog is still young so that they can assume their submissive position in the pack.

If you get your Poodle from a rescue shelter, the Poodle aggression will be because of past experiences. If your dog was rescued from a home where they were exposed to cruelty and being hurt, they might be aggressive. They will view humans as the source of their suffering and thus will do what they can to protect themselves. They will bark at you and go to an extent of biting if they think you are about to hurt them. This will only be solved by showing them that you are friendly and socializing them with other dogs and friendly people.

Remember that Poodles are high energy dogs and you will not love them when they direct their energy to Poodle aggression. Be positive in training the aggressive behavior out of them and reward them when they are friendly. Show your dog that you love them and that you are in charge. This will go a long way in dealing with the aggression.