It might be difficult to believe but it is true that Poodles were originally bred to be retrievers or gun dogs. Most people believe that these dogs were bred to be show dogs as this is what they are famous for. Poodles have shown excellence and professionalism in different activities such as hunting, tracking and hunting. Some Poodle owners still use their dogs for hunting purposes though hunting is not as important as it used to be. These dogs are perfect for these activities because they are quite energetic and intelligent. This is the reason why your Poodle should take part in Poodle agility.

Though the traditional activities that these dogs were bred for have faded over time, you can have your dog participate in Poodle agility to make sure they use up their pent up natural energy. Agility requires agile dogs with a lot of energy backed up by intelligence that will allow them to easily learn the commands and maneuvers you teach them. Poodles fit this description and them being beautiful makes them perfect for different agility shows and competition. There are quite a number of competitions some for specific breeds sand others are open to any type of dog. This means that the agility training will not go to waste.

Poodle agility takes quite a lot of training and thus you will need to be patient and aggressive in training your dog. Being aggressive does not mean that you are harsh and use punishment based training, it means that you approach the training positively and with determination. Your dog will behave according to your moods and when you train them when you are bored; the training will not be successful in any way. Keep in mind that dogs will respond very well when positive reinforcement is used during training and agility training is no exception. Use rewards such as food treats and praises to keep your dog learning.

Poodle agility involves your dog running through a course with obstacles when they are off leash. This mean s that during training, you should pay attention to maneuvers and obstacles to ensure your dog is well trained. The training should concentrate on speed as your dog can manage to go through the obstacles but take a lot of time doing it. You will not be allowed to use treats during competition therefore it is important that you train your dog with just voice commands and reward them by praising them when they complete the course.

Since Poodles are intelligent and small in size, the training should not be all that difficult. You should see it as a fun activity and you will not notice the time and effort you put to the Poodle agility training. The agility competitions and shows are a great family outing and a great time for your dog to get all the attention they need as they will be the show makers in the family. Always praise your dog and give them treats after the competition regardless of their performance.