Poodles are small dogs but their level of intelligence places among the top most trainable dog breeds in the world. They are great household pets and this has been strengthened by the fact that they are beautiful, pleasant and have a happy lively personality. These dogs will be eager to please you as their owners and will get along just fine with other pets as well as young children. You will enjoy having a Poodle around your house but this will only be possible when your dog s properly trained. Keep in mind that dogs will always bark but excessive Poodle barking should be discouraged.

Poodles may seem perfect when you look at their small size and beautiful fur, but this is not the case. All dogs are prone to dog related problems and Poodles are no exception. Poodle barking is one of the annoying behaviors that you might have to face especially if you have an untrained Poodle. Barking is natural for dogs and it is the only way they know how to communicate. A dog will bark when they are warning their owners of any impending danger or when there is an unwelcome intruder. Poodles are natural watchdogs and occasional barking should be expected. However, when the barking is in excess and all for nothing reasonable, then you need to do your best to stop it.

The first step you need to take to stop Poodle barking is identifying the cause of the barking. A major reason that can be behind the loud prolonged barking is confinement. Leaving your Poodle in an enclosed place over a long period of time is a perfect trigger for annoying barking behaviors. Your dog will want to tell you that they do not like the confinement and since they cannot simply talk and tell you what they want, they will bark as loud as they can to let you know they are uncomfortable.

There are other reasons that can cause Poodle barking and these include loneliness, fear, boredom, separation anxiety, and playfulness. Some of these can be avoided by training your dog well when they are young puppies. When your dog knows that they should spend some time a lone they will get used to it and will not feel lonely to a point of barking uncontrollably when you leave. This will go a long way into preventing separation anxiety which is a major reason why dogs bark. Take your dog out for walks and play with them to make sure that they are not bored. Buy them toys to play with so that they can be distracted from the barking when they are alone.

Observe your dog’s barking behavior closely to know when they bark. This will lead you to the root cause of the barking and give you an opportunity to solve the problem permanently. Poodle barking can be treated through positive reinforcement and rewarding your dog when they respond to commands that are aimed at making them stop the annoying barking.