Most people consider Poodles to be great pets and this can be attributed to their beauty intelligence and the fact that they are docile animals. They are friendly dogs that will easily get along with other pets as well as young children. Most people love them because they have been show dogs for as long as they remember and do not mind having the adorable shows animals as their family pets. It is important to remember that they might be great pets but they are not perfect. They are prone to behavioral problems and it is good to understand Poodle behavior to prevent any disappointments or surprises.

Poodle behavior will be largely influenced by the training you offer and past experiences. Your Poodle will show you a lot of signs when they are uncomfortable in a certain environment. The most obvious sign will be that your Poodle will develop a barking behavior that will be hard to stop. They will bark when an intruder comes in or when they feel threatened. Some Poodles will become aggressive and tear anything they can put between their jaws when they feel lonely or when they are suffering for separation anxiety. The destructive behavior will be to attract your attention and convincing you that you should not leave them on their own.

Another Poodle behavior you ought to know about is their fear. Poodle problems might be cause by fear to be handled roughly or to be left alone. A Poodle will develop fear when they think they will be hurt or mistreated. This mostly happens when you have adopted a Poodle from a rescue center. They might have been put through cruelty in their previous homes and will tend to keep to themselves thinking that you will hurt them. The only solution is to be positive when handling them and introduce them to humans ensuring that they feel comfortable when new people are around.

 Whatever that is causing the undesirable Poodle behavior should be investigated so that you can devise along term solution. Poodles respond quite well to positive reinforcement and love and thus you should desist from punishment based training to deal with different behaviors. If you want your dog to love and obey you, you will have to be positive towards them and reward and praise them when they do something desirable. Punishing or hurting them will destroy the strong bonds that exist between dogs and their owners.

Any Poodle behavior can be managed with enough patience and love to offer your dog. Dogs read human moods and will behave according to what they think is your mood. If you are harsh and hostile, they will not be any different. Do your best to train your dog and prevent bad behaviors without compromising their happiness. Spend some time with your dog every day so that you can observe them and look for any changes in their behaviors. This will enable you to correct unwanted traits and encourage good behaviors when you spot them.