Any Poodle owner will tell you that they have faced Poodle biting and that it is a problem when left untreated. Poodles will develop the biting habit when they are still young. Many people will view this biting as playful and adorable, well, is. A small beautiful Poodle playing with you as they bite you is a fun moment. However, in some cases, the biting can be harmful especially if you do not train the behavior out of your Poodle early enough. It is therefore important that you deal with the biting when your dog is still young as behavioral changes when your dog is an adult are quite difficult to manage.

It is true that Poodles bite more than any other breed but with proper training, Poodle biting can be dealt with completely. Poodles are among the smartest dogs ad can be quite stubborn during training. You will need the best Poodle training tips to ensure that your dog is following the commands you teach them without hesitation. It is important that your dog is obedient so that when you issue a command they will stop whatever it is they are doing and respond to your voice.

Poodle biting can be eliminated using a number of ways. One of the best ways to deal with this behavior is socializing your puppy. Let your puppy mix with other dogs and people when they are young. You can take them for walks in the park and let them socialize with other dogs and pets. Make sure every member in the family gets some time with the puppy so that they can get used to being around people. Sometimes Poodles will bite because they feel threatened by strangers and new pets. Socializing them will make them comfortable around new people and other animals and prevent biting that is caused by fear.

If your adult Poodle is still biting, the main reason behind this might be dominance related. Poodles are great pets but they are still dogs and dogs are pack animals. They will want to be in a pack that has an alpha and if you do not take up this position, your Poodle will assume that they ought to be at the top. They will be protective, just like an alpha should be in a normal pack. If an intruder, who can be a guest or another pet, comes close to the house, the dog will be aggressive and can start biting. This type of Poodle biting can be solved by the owner being in charge and letting their dog understand that they are submissive members of the pack.

If Poodle biting gets out of hand, you should involve a professional dog handler. Poodles are adorable animals and small in size, but this should not fool you into believing that they are harmless. They have sharp teeth and are quite fast and will bite you before you take your hand away from them. This condition can only be treated properly when its cause is well understood.