Poodles are retrievers with a German origin. These dogs are believed to be on the number two spot when it comes to intelligence. These dogs are intelligent and beautiful but it does not mean that they are perfect. They are prone to health conditions. You should be aware of these Poodle health problems to make sure that they are in good health. We will look at a few poodle health issues and way to prevent them. It is important that you observe your dog closely to check for any disease and curb it before it advances to any critical stage.

Addison’s disease also known as hypoadrenocorticism, is a disease that is caused by low productions of adrenal hormone. This affects the balance of potassium and salt in the body. Common symptoms that will show that your dog is suffering from this condition are vomiting and frequent gastrointestinal disturbances. If the potassium levels are too high, your Poodle might suffer from stress caused by severe shock. This can be extreme enough to cause death. Among the Poodle health problems that you might have to deal with, this is a serious problem that must be treated immediately it is discovered.

Another one of the Poodle health problems that you might encounter is Gastric dilation and Bloat. This condition involves your dog’s belly increasing in size and getting bloated. This condition is uncomfortable and painful for your dog. In some cases the stomach can cut off blood supplies by twisting veins and block the exits that gas can escape through. This is an extremely painful experience and should be treated immediately. When you notice that your Poodle’s belly has increased the size, take them to the vet immediately as this condition can lead to death within a few hours. Make sure you know the type of food your dog ate before you noticed this condition as it might be wise to avoid it in future.

Patella luxation is another one of the Poodle health problems you should know about. Luxation also refers to dislocation and in this case, it means that your Poodle’s kneecap gets dislocated. The dislocation can either be towards the inside or the outside of your dog’s leg. The symptoms that will show you that your Poodle is suffering from the condition include inability to stretch their legs, limping and becoming aggressive when someone tries to touch their legs. In some cases, your dog will only carry their leg as they will not want to exert any amount of pressure on it. For better and thorough treatment, take your dog to the vet when you notice this condition.

Hypothyroidism is another disease that should be included in the Poodle health problems list. This is the low production of the thyroid hormone. The symptoms will include irregular heat circles, skin conditions, lethargy, obesity, excessive hunger and change of coat textures. There are drugs to treat this condition and any other disease that your dog might be suffering from, but it is important that you get a vet’s advice so that you get the right medication.