Poodle house training does not need to be daunting. However, without the right tips and information, you will find it quite challenging and frustrating. Poodles are among the smartest dog breeds around and this combined with their beauty and enthusiasm, they make great family pets. This means that Poodles can be easy to educate but you will have to be patient and consistent when training them. House training your Poodle is the most important training process that will ensure that both of you enjoy your stay in the same house.

 Poodle house training should be backed up by positive reinforcement which involves rewards such as plays, attention, praises and occasional food treats when your dog does something desirable. The first thing you should teach your dog is that they should eliminate outside on a spot you choose with convenience in mind. If your dog eliminates in the house, do not be tempted to punish them. Most people think that rubbing their nose in their mess will stop the dog from eliminating in the house. This will only create fear in your dog and they will be afraid to go potty when you are around. When they mess your house, clean it and keep on taking them out to the toilet spot and with time, they will go there on their own.

Poodle house training should not be difficult considering that they are naturally house trained. This means that they are clean animal that will try their level best to eliminate far away from where they eat and sleep. The mother will teach this good behavior to their puppy in their early weeks. When you take your puppy home, it will be up to you to train them further by giving them a place to eliminate. If you do not have a yard, you can use a litter box filled with shredded newspapers and make sure you keep it clean.

Keep in mind that your dog will use smell to find the last place they eliminated. Poodle house training should involve showing them a particular place to go potty but if they eliminate in the house, make sure you thoroughly clean this spot to get rid of the smell. If your dog finds this smell, they will think this is where they should potty and you will have to deal with the mess over and over again.  If you are using a litter box, have a soiled paper in it to remind your puppy that this is where they should do their toilet business.

Poodles love being in clean places and thus a crate will go a long way in making Poodle house training successful. The crate will teach them to hold but you should not leave them there for hours longer than they can hold it. When house training your puppy, remember that they will not be in total control of their bowels and accidents will happen. Do not get angry as this will jeopardize your relationship with your dog and make the process more difficult.