When a Poodle puppy is jumping, this is considered to be adorable and fun to watch. However, when Poodle jumping is at levels that frighten your guests and small children, then you really need to take care of it. It is quite annoying when you dress up in white and ready to leave for work then your Poodle jumps at you and leaves paw shaped stains on your best clothes. You will feel disappointed and your day will be spoilt. This is where the jumping stops being adorable and crosses over to be an annoying problem that will crash your relationship with your dog if not treated in time.

There are a number of ways in which you can stop Poodle jumping. You can stop the jumping directly, use a leash to control him, ignore him, or teach him how to sit. If you decide to go with ignoring your dog, it means that you will quickly turn away when you think your dog is about to jump at you. Dogs jump at people to seek attention and when you ignore them, they will know that you are not interested and with time, they will understand that it is because it is not the appropriate way to seek attention or say hello.

The basic “Sit” command will go a long way into dealing with Poodle jumping. Once you teach your dog to respond to this command you can use it to your advantage to stop them from jumping at anything. When you see them preparing to jump, issue this command to distract them. If they are obedient dogs, they will forget that they were about to jump and respond to your command. If they respond, praise and give tem a reward. With repetition, your Poodle will notice that you prefer them sitting rather than jumping and the jumping will slowly fade away.

Poodle jumping is mostly fueled by their hunger or attention, and because it is what they need do not be tempted to giving it to them. Some people think that going down to your dog will deal with the jumping problem. Well it might, but they will only not jump on you. When other people come to your house, your dog will wait for them to come down and give them the attention they need, if they take too long, your dog will simply jump at them. It is important that you deal with the jumping problem using methods that will ensure your dog is not jumping at you or anyone else for that matter.

When treating Poodle jumping, Consistency is the key and patience is very much required. Remember that you will have to train your dog not to jump on people as well as things. The jumping might extend to furniture and this might lead to destruction of fragile items. Your Poodle might also get hurt in the process. Use rewards to keep your dog doing what is right and they will do what they can to ensure that they impress you.