Poodle obedience training should be the priority of any dog owner as this will help them when they encounter some situations in future. Some dog owners find obedience training quite expensive while others decide to train their own dogs. Well, regardless of the method you choose to use, it is important that you know the significance of obedience training and the benefits you and your dog will enjoy. With the right information, training your Poodle will not be daunting and you will find it to be a fun and fulfilling activity.

Poodle obedience training starts with teaching your dog how to react to different commands. The best thing to do it is to first learn the commands yourself and how best to issue them. Most people who own Poodles consider them to be small dogs that do not require intense training. If your dog is disobedient you will have to deal with their unruly behavior and with time your dog will embarrass you countless times. Obedience training will help you a great deal when you want to stop your dog from doing something you do not approve of. By simply issuing a command, you should be able to distract your dog from what they are doing or what they are about to do.

 During Poodle obedience training, you will be able to assert your dominance and let your dog know that you are the boss. This will make any other type of training easy as they will obey and listen to you, not because they fear you but because they want to impress you as their master and pack leader. Alpha leadership is the cornerstone of good dog training and thus you should make sure you take this position before your dog decides they ought to be the alpha leaders in that pack.

Some of the commands that should be taught first in Poodle obedience training include “sit”, “stay”, “down” and “No”. Every other thing you teach your dog in future will revolve around these basic commands and thus you should make sure that they master all of them. Poodles are smart dogs but will take time to understand these commands. You should not give up and you should always be positive in the training. Use rewards to encourage your dog when they respond to your commands. Always teach them one command at a time and it is only after they have fully mastered the command that you should move to the next one and keep on issuing it.

Poodle obedience training is only the first step in a lifetime of learning. It is therefore important that you take this training serious as all the other training processes will depend on how well you trained your Poodle in obedience. Obedience training has been proved to solve other undesirable behaviors that might develop along the way. Some of these behaviors include but not limited to barking, chewing, jumping, and separation anxiety. Always bond with your dog to ensure they feel your love and they obey you.