It is a wonderful thing to have a Poodle in your home but you must be ready to bear the responsibility that comes with this pet. You will have to feed your dog, groom them and most importantly, train them to be great obedient pets. Poodle potty training is one of the most important lessons you will have to teach your dog. It is so important to an extent that it should be the first thing you do when you reach home with your new dog. A well potty-trained dog reduced the responsibility of cleaning after them and gets rid of the unsightly mess they would otherwise make.

Prior to starting Poodle potty training, decide where you will want them to go for their toilet business. If you chose outside, then you will have to stay with your dog at the chosen area until they eliminate. Even if you pick up that mess and dispose it, there will be a smell left and this is what your Poodle will be sniffing for when they want to go. When they are doing their business, use commands such as “go potty” or “go pee pee” and they will learn to associate these with toilet matters.

The biggest challenge when Poodle potty training comes in when you have to teach them to hold. If you do not have a fenced yard to allow your dog to stay outside the whole day, you might want to train them to hold so that you avoid surprises when you come home. The best thing to do is introduce a crate. Just like humans, dogs will not want to mess up the place where they consider as their own house. It is however important that you observe their toilet schedule because it would be unfair to leave them in their crates for periods longer that what they can manage.

When Poodle potty training, it is important to remember that your puppy will not have total control of their bowel movements until they are at least ten weeks old. You will therefore have to keep them in a fenced area in the kitchen or bathroom with a lot of papers placed on the floor. Remember that puppies will eat and drink more than grown dogs, which mean they will eliminate more. When they are 10 weeks old find a spot in the yard or get a litter box and fill it with shredded newspapers. Put a soiled paper in the box to give it the scent that will tell your dog that they should go there.

Poodle potty training is very important especially if you like your house clean and free of any odor. Training your dog early enough will give you peace when your dog is all grown up as you will not have to clean after them. Make sure you reward your dog and praise them when they go potty on the right place. This will go a long way into encouraging them to always potty on the designated area.