Poodles are originally from France and Germany. They are beautiful dogs owing to their cute fur. They have long fur that is thick and curly. In most cases, the poodles we see have their fur trimmed in a particular pattern which is usually for show purposes. Poodles are in three different sizes. They are popular in being part of circus shows and other types of performances. People love having these dogs in their homes as pets since they are beautiful to look at and quite intelligent. However, there are some Poodle problems that you must be aware of before you consider bringing one home.

Most of the Poodle problems are hereditary and include eye problems. You should take your Poodle to the vet so that this problem can be controlled before it gets out of hand. If you notice that your Poodle is having difficulties in seeing, immediately take them to the vet for a better check up. Regular check ups will ensure that your dog is in its best health condition.  The most common eye condition that your Poodle is likely to suffer from is referred to as Progressive Retinal Atrophy. The worse thing about this problem is that this condition advances with age.

Another one of Poodle problems is Distichiasis. This is a condition that causes a growth of an additional eyebrow. This disease takes place in any age. Entropion is another disease that affects the eye. This causes the eyelid rolls in since the eyeball gets disturbed by the eyelashes. This is a common problem but can be treated by simply taking your dog to the veterinarian. It is important that you pay attention to your dog to prevent any conditions. This will enable you to arrest any problem when it comes up and prevent any further problem.

Apart from eye related Poodle problems, other issues include Von Willebrand’s disease. This is a condition related to blood disorders. This condition disturbs the proteins that exist in the platelets. This condition can be serious if left unchecked. Another problem that can be viewed in Poodles is allergies. Dogs, like humans are susceptible to allergies and allergic conditions. The allergies can be caused by food or other things such as pollen and dust. It is important that you understand the causes of the allergy so that you can treat of keep these things away from your dog. If the allergic reactions are extreme you should take your dog to the vet to arrest the condition before it gets worse.

Poodle Problems should be taken care of before they advance to unmanageable levels. Some other behavioral problems include dominance, chewing and jumping. These can be treated through training. It is quite easy to train a dog through positive reinforcement. Poodles are quite stubborn and the training should be consistent and regular. The dog has a short memory thus the training should be short and interesting. You should bond with your dog to ensure that you detect any problem as it develops.