Poodles were originally bred in Germany for hunting and pointing. They have been used as show dogs due to their high intelligence level and mostly because of their beauty. Poodles have beautiful fur that is just interesting to look at. They are small in size which is why most people love them as pets since they can carry them around. If you are intending to have a Poodle or you already have a puppy in your home, you will have to find Poodle puppy training tips to assist you in your efforts to bring up an obedient dog.

The first thing you will need to do is find out as much as you can about Poodles and their characteristics. This will help you a great deal in Poodle puppy training. Poodles are energetic dogs and are in love with running and playing. This means that your puppy can be a victim of undue stress if cooped up the whole day. They will appreciate some freedom to stretch their legs and burn up some of their natural energy. Not allowing them to have fun outside will create some problems when they are inside. The more fun and play they have, the easier the training will be.

The first step when Poodle puppy training should revolve around potty training. Potty training should start the moment you get home. If you have a yard, choose a specific convenient spot where you want your puppy to be relieving themselves, stay there with them until they do something. This should be the spot where you will take them for all their movements. If you do not have a yard, don’t worry, you should get a litter box and fill it with shredded papers. Put a soiled paper in it to tell your puppy that they conducted their last potty business there and always take them there when they are pressed.

Poodles are naturally social and this means that you should take them for walks and plays in the park so that they can socialize with other dogs and meet other people. It is important that Poodle puppy training includes socialization as they will get used to different events, which will go a long way into addressing aggressive behaviors later on when they are older. They should experience the world and take walks to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

There quite a lot of things that should be included in the Poodle puppy training process. Train your dog that they should not sleep on the bed and should eat after everyone else. This will take care of dominance related problems and discourage your dog from becoming a beggar. It is important to discourage behaviors such as jumping at people, chewing on valuables, and excessive barking. If these behaviors are not dealt with when your poodle is still a puppy, you will have a rough time trying to correct them when your dog is all grown up. Training your Poodle when they are young will strengthen the bond between you and your Poodle and make the training easy and fast.