Poodle separation anxiety is a common syndrome that Poodle owners are faced with. Dogs, like human, seek affection, care and love and when all these are in excess, they will be very happy. When you stop showering them will all these, then they will develop some problems one of them being separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is one cause of Poodle destruction behaviors and if not treated in time, it can lead to damage of property and the deterioration of your dog’s health. This means that you should observe your dog closely to ensure that you arrest any problem before it advances.

Poodle separation anxiety can be identified when your dog is whining, crying and barking all day long when they are left alone. In extreme cases, your poodle will chew on furniture and scratch on doors with an aim to escape or follow you. There are cases where dogs have managed to escape but due to their efforts they end up being hurt badly.  With the right information, you can reduce separation anxiety and ensure that your dog remains clam when they are left alone in the house. It is vitally necessary that the cause of the anxiety is understood so that you can approach the treatment knowing what you are dealing with.

There are different causes of Poodle separation anxiety, some are related to the environment and some are behavioral. Some dog experts will lay the blame entirely on the dog owner since this behavior can be prevented through proper training when the dog is still young. Some will argue that Separation anxiety in Poodles is as a result of hereditary behaviors. Regardless of what you think is the reason behind this condition, you should find out what triggered it and concentrate on the treatment. While it is true that some owners contribute to separation anxiety in their dogs, if your dog is an affectionate breed, they will be more prone to separation anxiety.

There is Poodle separation anxiety that sets in after the puppy is separated from their mother. Others will suffer from this syndrome if their owners abandon them. Dogs will not know that once you leave in the morning you will come back in the evening. They will therefore be anxious when you are leaving and turn to destructive behaviors when you are not around. This can be their way of telling you that they are dangerous when left alone and that you should know better and take them with you the next time you leave.

Poodle separation anxiety can be dealt with successfully though gradually. You will have to train your dog to spend some time alone and identify the things that trigger the separation anxiety. Leave your dog out for some time and then unite with them, make sure they don’t bark when you are away. Increase the periods they spend time alone slowly and with time they will know that when you leave you will come back and will get use to being alone.