Poodles are great pets with intelligence and beauty as the reason why people love them. They might appear perfect but without the right Poodle tips, you will have a hard time dealing with this breed. Poodles can be quite difficult to understand and tend to be a bit stubborn, which is why their training can be challenging especially to first time dog owners. Poodles will be great one day and be terrible the next. To the owner, there will be no reason for that and it is why you should pay attention to the following Poodle tips to assist you in training and taking care of them.

The best Poodle tips are more on the part of the dog handler that they are about Poodles. If you are not a patient person, then handling Poodles will be quite a challenge for you. Always keep in mind that your dog will not view and understand things in the same perspective as you. Always remember that dogs will be well trained when there is a regular schedule involved. If there is a slight change in the normal daily activities there might be chaos in their world and this will turn them to destructive behaviors.

It is therefore important that you keep the training as consistent and interesting as possible. There should be only one trainer handling the training process. The training should take place at almost the same time everyday. The more regular you make the training, the easier your Poodle will understand what you are teaching them. It takes quite a lot of repetition to train a dog ad when there are different people training them at different times; the learning will be slower as your dog will be confused. Poodle tips will tell you that it is only after your Poodle has mastered one command or trick completely that you should move to the next.

Patience is vital and among the best Poodle tips. Your Poodle might be a smart dog but they will take a while before mastering a command or trick. Desist from teaching them multiple commands as they will get confused. Dogs will respond very well to positivity. Always reward your dog for an action successfully completed. Use food treats occasionally but make sure you praise your dog when they respond to your commands. This will keep them doing desirable things because they want to impress you and make you happy.

You should be consistent even in your Poodle’s diet and daily exercise routines. Train your dog to eat at the same time on a daily basis. And make their walk consistent and regular. Your dog will learn what they are expected to do when things in their life appears to be perfectly regulated. Dogs always want to please their master, but when things, in their own perspective, keep on changing, this becomes a hard task for them. Do not forget that your dog needs to play with you as they will trust you more and your relationship will make training and living together fun.