Poodles are among the most intelligent and cutest dogs in the world. This is the reasons why they are popular in shows and performances. If you love watching Poodles performing, then you would like to have a Poodle as a pet in your house. Well, remember that the Poodle you see in a show is well trained by qualified dog handlers and that they are not naturally that trained. You will have to train your Poodle so that they can obey you and have good house manners that will ensure you are both happy. This will only happen when you are using the best Poodle training tips around.

If you have a Poodle puppy, it is important that you start training them when they are young. Of the many available Poodle training tips, this is the most important one. Always remember that puppies are easily impressionable and will be docile as they will be eager to experience the world and learn new things. If you have the time and the patience it is advisable that you train your own dog. This will strengthen the bond between you two and will save your money that you will otherwise pay to have your dog professionally trained.

You will need Poodle training tips to ensure that the process is successful and that your dog grows to be an obedient and well mannered dog. Poodles are very sensitive and thus you should be prepared to train them with patience and consistency. Poodles will read your facial expression and will study your mood. This means that the training will be compromised when your dog notices that you are angry or stressed. This will make your Poodle anxious and upset and they will not easily grasp what you are teaching them at the moment.

 Poodle training tips will go a long way into ensuring that you house trains them properly. House training your Poodle should start with potty training and then other steps should follow. Use a crate to ensure that your dog keeps their sleeping are clean as they will not want to mess their “shelter”. Training your dog to have good manners will go a long way to make their stay comfortable and keep your relationship healthy. Desist from using punishment to correct any mistakes as this might confuse them and make them fear you. If your dog is afraid of you, they will lose their trust in you and this will greatly undermine your efforts to train them.

If you feel as though the training, even with Poodle training tips, is daunting, then you can hire a professional dog handler. This will come at a cost and will require that you attend the classes with your dog so that you learn the commands and they get used to you issuing them. This will also ensure that they still view you as the alpha of the pack. Do not forget to spend time playing with your dog as all work without play time will turn them to dull pets.