Poodle whelping can be an exciting time and very stressful for you and your dog. Whelping is a great experience when you know you are going to have little Poodles in your home. It is only if you plan well for the Delivery day that you will enjoy this experience. You will have to understand the process and how to take care of the bitch so that she and the puppies will be in good health. You should therefore arm yourself with the necessary information, implements, supplies and tools to ensure that the birthing is successful.

A few weeks to Poodle whelping, your dog will start preparing for the big day. They will do their best to create a whelping area by dragging soft items to a dark private corner. You should help by providing a whelping box and ensure that it is dry and comfortable enough. Make sure the area is warm and free of any noises. Your Poodle will not appreciate any noise during the last days of pregnancy or after whelping. If they are first time mothers, a lot of excitement might cause complications as they might freak out. Consult your vet so that you can purchase the supplies that will be needed during the last days and during the birthing process.

The most important implement you will need during Poodle whelping is a thermometer. A normal Poodle’s temperature will be about 10.5 degrees. Within the last 24 hours to whelping, the bitch will have a drop in temperature between 1 and 3 degrees. This is when you should confine your dog to the whelping box and make sure there is an around the clock surveillance. There will be other signs that will show you that they are almost giving birth. These include loss of appetite, restlessness, pendulous belly, relaxed vulva, and enlargement of mammary glands. Labor is imminent when you notice some or a combination of the above signs.

Another important thing to keep in mind during Poodle whelping is that your dog will be able to take care of the birth process and your work will be to observe and help pull out a pup when you notice that they are stuck. You should make sure that you are gentle as hurting your dog might make them aggressive and this is a recipe for disaster. It is important that you have a vet close by if you are experiencing the event for the first time. This is because there might be complications that will only be best handled by a trained breeder or a veterinarian.

During Poodle whelping, you should know that your the bitch will eat or lick the placenta. You should not be surprised or interfere with this as it is normal. The whelping process will take between a few minutes to a few hours depending on factors such as the number of puppies. After delivery, keep a close eye on the bitch and on the puppies to ensure that they are warm and all in good health.