Training a Poodle puppy can be challenging but it is nothing compared with dealing with a rowdy Poodle adult dog. Dogs are known to be trainable when they are young as they are still experiencing a new world and tend to be quite impressionable. It is therefore important that you take advantage of this fact and train your dog when they are still young as it will be both fun and fulfilling. We will look at some of the important things to keep in mind to ensure that your Poodle is well trained without compromising the relationship between you and your dog.

When training a Poodle puppy, try to keep away from doing all the work. When your Poodle notices that you do everything for them and they still get treats and praises, they will tend to relax and let you do what you do best. Let them learn some things and make them do what you teach them. Use rewards such as treats and praises but gradually do away with the treats. Do not physically pull or push your Poodle puppy as they will have a negative attitude towards the training. Always be positive in the training and you will see the results in the speed with which your puppy will learn new things.

When training a Poodle puppy desist from using punishment to correct any bad behaviors. You will not want your dog obeying you simply because they fear you; they should obey you because they want to impress you. You should not also use negative words apart from “no” when you think your puppy is doing something you do not approve of. While physical punishment may seem to work in the present, you should know that it will cause a lot of complications later on in your dog’s life. There is no need of solving a small problem now only to create a bigger one later.

Puppies will respond well to consistency in training and thus you should have a regular schedule that should be followed to the letter. Training a Poodle puppy should be handled by one individual and the training lessons should be at the same time every day. Your dog will easily learn what they are expected to do at a particular time only if you have a regular training schedule. When they are trained by different people at random hours, you will have one confused poodle that will take a long time before mastering one command.

Training a Poodle puppy should not take the whole day or a whole hour. 15 minutes of training per lesson are enough. Just like some people, Poodle puppies will have a short attention span and can easily get bored when the lessons take too long. You can have 3 or 4 lessons in a day depending on your availability but you should make sure that you are consistent in the training. Be patient and confident as your puppy can read your moods and behave the same way. Make the training as interesting as possible and your dog will catch on quite fast.