Poodles are popular family pets owing to their intelligence and beauty. Poodles are keen, great learners and good in tricks. They are simply amazing pets. Poodles come in different types that can excel in working and hunting. There is miniature or toy Poodles that are mostly used in performances in shows and as pets. These dogs have a beautiful coat that is interesting to look at. They shed fur minimally but will need regular grooming to stay healthy. You will need the best tips when training Poodles to be great obedient dogs.

Originally, Poodles were bred to be pointers and retrievers. Today, Poodles still display Pointing characteristics. Like other small dogs, Poodles will have quite a lot of energy. This leads them to be very stubborn as they are attention seekers. You will notice that your Poodle loves attention and will not like it when being alone. When neglected, they might become unruly and develop some undesirable behaviors. To be successful when training Poodles, you will need to bond with your dog and make them understand that you are in charge and you are the alpha of the pack.

Poodles are remarkably intelligent and thus training Poodles should not be all that difficult especially when you know what you are doing. Due to their high level of intelligence, they will do quite well in learning new commands and different tricks. It is good to mentally stimulate your Poodle but they have an attention span problem, they will tend to forget things quite fast and thus the training lessons should be kept interesting and as brief as possible. The best place to train your Poodle is in areas that have minimal distractions as they can easily be distracted by movements and scents. Use positive reinforcement to ensure they are paying attention and never use punishment-based training as this will weaken the bond between you and your dog as they will lose trust in you.

The fact that Poodles are overly energetic should tell you that training Poodles should include training them to be calm. If you allow yapping and jumping, they might grow up to be very stubborn and annoying adult dogs. Keep correcting unwanted behaviors when you can as this will keep them from repeating undesirable actions. Always remember that shouting and yelling will just confuse them and compromise the training process. Reward your dog using food treats, attention, praises and play when they respond to your commands. This will keep them doing good things with an aim to impress you.

Training Poodles can be quite a challenge especially for first time dog owners but with professional help, the process can be fun and easy. If you think handling your dog on your own is a daunting task, you can attend dog training classes at the local pet center. Ensure that the instructor is qualified and that you take part in the training so that your dog does not forget that you are their master. Apart from training, make sure you play with your dog and take them for walks for both of your health sakes.